Advantages of Residence in Malta

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In the last couple of decades, Malta has gained a reputation for being a high quality living destination and a tax-efficient residence in the European Union. It is situated in the heart of the Mediterranean Sea, which puts it right in the middle of the European and North African trading routes. Therefore, Malta is a wonderful destination for industrial investment. The heritage, colorful culture and the natural scenic wealth of the island have made it of the best places to live in.

After joining the EU in 2004, all residents of Malta have the same rights as that of other EU member states like visa free travel to different countries and moving freely in the Schengen Area. If these are not all, there are other advantages of signing up for The Malta Residence and Visa Programme, some of which are:

  • Malta has a mild climate, with mild winters, 300 days of sunshine in a year and warm dry summers. It also boasts a rich social and cultural life. The cost of living is also very low and the country also has political stability and a good standard of living.
  • The banking and financial system of the country is also a strong one. It is also one of the safest countries in the European Union, which makes it a good place for living.
  • Malta has vaunting agreements with numerous countries, which means a sound treaty network is in place. Thus, you can rest assured that the profits generated in Malta are either eligible for a tax credit or exempt from tax. Moreover, additional agreements are also being finalized with other countries, which can also work in favor of residents. The corporate tax system of the company is also an intuitive one and avoids double taxation on shareholders and companies, which is quite impressive.

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