Things to Do Immediately After your Flight is Delayed


Even after you have spent countless hours plotting every step of your trip, an unexpected flight cancellation or delay can derail even the best laid plans. However, this roadblock doesn’t have to be a complete travel disaster. Taking a couple of precautions for dodging delays, knowing your air-travel rights and using insider tricks can help you in staying calm and carrying on in such situations. What should you do? Here are some tips:

  • Know your rights

If your flight is cancelled, the airline will have to provide you a seat on the next available flight or issue a refund. Depending on the carrier, they may also rebook you to your final destination via another airline. You need to check the customer agreement of the carrier in order to know your rights. If there has been a delay, you are also eligible for compensation. You can use a flight delay claim calculator to figure out how much compensation you should receive.

  • Stay proactive

You need to be proactive if you don’t want your plans to be ruined. Airport staff and gate agents are usually swamped. Therefore, it is best to get in touch with the airline’s customer support and get yourself rebooked. It is easier and quicker than standing in a long line and waiting for your turn. These days, big airlines have their own apps that can be used for making reservations.

  • Ask about hotel credits or meals

When you have to deal with a severe delay, you can ask the airline about any hotel or meal vouchers. However, it is important to remember that these vouchers are not doled out if the delays is due to reasons outside of the airline’s control, such as bad weather. They only provide coverage in the event of a mechanical delay.

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