Why Do People Love Vacation Rentals In St. Augustine?

Vacation Rentals

When people think about Florida, they picture pristine beaches, beautiful scenery, world-class restaurants and exciting nightlife. It is a great place for people to work, live, and take vacation. In every aspect, Florida is a wonderful place for people of all ages to enjoy. Many visitors wish they could spend more time vacationing in Florida. But the fact is, because Florida has so much to offer, it is impossible to see it all and experience it all. With that said, however, there are special places that should not be missed. If you have a chance to visit Florida, be sure to make time for one special place, which is St. Augustine.

The Lovely History of St. Augustine

St. Augustine was established in 1585 and is America’s oldest city. For people interested in history, there are plenty of historic places where they can visit and learn about the old settlement. There is plenty to do and see. After a day of touring, you can dine at one of the many fantastic restaurants and spend the evening enjoying lively entertainment.

Fantastic Views All Around

St. Augustine is surrounded by a lovely coastline. People love being on the beach just relaxing, strolling on the sand, or playing in the water. There are lots of restaurants that provide fabulous views of the beach, so you can enjoy a great meal while enjoying lovely scenery. Service at the restaurants is superb. Being right by the coast has an advantage because you can get the best seafood and the freshest catch of the day. People really enjoy the fine cuisine that is local to St. Augustine. No one is ever in a hurry because they are there to savor every minute and every bite.

Great Fun At The Beach

The beautiful beaches are the main attraction at St. Augustine. Visitors like to rent out beach houses so they will have convenient access to the beach all day long. Whenever they feel like it, they can just go out and walk down to the beach or wade in the water. During warm summers, an evening stroll on the beach is something truly special. During high tourist season, the beaches can get crowded, but visitors enjoy themselves nonetheless. They find their favorite part of the beach, put down their beach blankets, and just spend the day relaxing.

Anastasia State Recreation Area Is Great Fun

This state park is full of wildlife. It is one of the popular attractions at St. Augustine. The flora and fauna are beautiful and provide many picture opportunities. Pack a picnic lunch and enjoy a day at the park. There are many hiking trails, so be sure to wear comfortable shoes to allow yourself to walk around and enjoy the sights. There is a playground for the kids, nature trails, and many activities for all ages.

Fabulous Vacation Rentals

Visitors to St. Augustine love the accommodations that they can rent. There are beach houses that are right on the beachfront. Those are great because you do not have to go far if you feel like taking a stroll on the sand or sitting by the beach with a book. People like the large selection of rentals available. Rentals do go fast during high season, so if you want to get a particular house or room, you have to reserve it early. Once you make your reservation, you will be guaranteed a place to stay when you arrive. There are also cottages for rent. These are a little bit further back from the coast, so if you want to go down to the sand, you will have to walk a little more. The walk is pleasant, and most people do not mind the extra distance. People are also pleased with the reasonable prices of the St. Augustine rentals. This is another reason why Florida visitors like to spend time in St. Augustine. It is a beautiful beach destination, and it is budget friendly.

Rich in Culture

St. Augustine is rich in history and culture. There are many museums featuring different aspects of life at St. Augustine. Visitors will like to learn more about the culture that gives this area its character. Getting a chance to talk with the locals will give visitors a chance to experience the small town feel. Visitors will learn how St. Augustine became the vacation destination that it is today. There is plenty of attractions to visit, so there is never a dull moment.

Fun Shopping Areas

There are many special boutiques and shops where you can find one-of-a-kind items that make great gifts for friends or as souvenirs for yourself. You will find many original items crafted by hand by local artisans. Many items are not available anywhere else because they are local to St. Augustine. If you have friends or family who are difficult to shop for because they seem to have everything already, a gift from St. Augustine will be very special. Take your time to stroll through the shops to find the perfect gift. You will see many wonderful and lovely items. If you love to shop, you will love shopping at St. Augustine.

After a long week of hard work, people look forward to spending a weekend at St. Augustine just to wind down and relax. It is like an oasis away from the stress and demands of the fast city life. Accommodations are reasonably priced, so it is very affordable. People like to indulge in water sports or just relax on the beach. They enjoy great food at fabulous restaurants that serve the freshest seafood. People are friendly and service is top-notch. Once you decide that you would like to visit St. Augustine, determine what kind of accommodations you will need. Make your travel plans and find your perfect rental online. Once you find the rental you want, make your reservation early because lodgings can be booked up quickly. Once you have all of the planning taken care of, you can count off the days until you leave for your wonderful getaway at St. Augustine.

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